Multi-disciplinary designer



Emily Vislocky

Hello! I am a design and marketing professional living and working in Portland, Oregon. 

I received my BID from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where I started my career as a soft goods designer. So far my award-winning work has taken me around the world, from the Bauhaus Universität in Germany, to Istanbul, to Tokyo, and to Zhangjiagang in China.

My current professional experience is diverse, and ranges from designing soft goods, hard products, and footwear, to tech writing, illustration, graphic design, and even freelance knitting. In my current role as a graphic designer at an educational non-profit, I work to make information visually engaging and digestible for educators. After hours, I am a volunteer organizer of the Portland OpenIDEO chapter, which connects design thinkers to meaningful global and community projects. I am actively seeking new opportunities to design, create, and learn, so please reach out if you would like to collaborate!





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