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HEART Healthcare for Artists



HEART Healthcare for Artists was a new concept when I became involved. I was first asked to create a visual identity, including logo and social media assets and templates, but I felt that the brand's identity needed to be developed as well. This led me to work with my client to craft statements that would describe the mission and goals of HEART:

HEART shares concepts and advances in sports medicine as applied to artists via online resources, in person workshops and lectures. Artists share their health & wellness stories, and you can find healthcare tips in our blog.



Montserrat Andreys is a sports chiropractor, dancer, and teacher, who applies the principles of her medical practice to artists of all kinds.


Mission Statement


Logo Design

The logo plays on the name of the company, which is a contraction of Healthcare for Artists. The use of two colors in the heart symbol draws attention to this, as does the offset dividing line.


Social Media Assets


Client Feedback