Multi-disciplinary designer

Industrial Engineering


Design Brief

Create a logo for the Industrial Engineering department of Daimler Trucks North America to increase visibility within the company. The logo is to be used on digital presentations, embroidered polos, stickers, and more.



The Industrial Engineering (IE) department is responsible for all the processes involved in producing Daimler trucks. IE is comprised of three sub-departments: IPL manages in-plant logistics, MIS manages flow of materials, and MLS manages warehouse labor.



I began my process by listing core characteristics of IE, and brainstorming how they could be conveyed visually. After additional sketching and concepts, I worked with my client to pursue a few different design directions, eventually landing on a final concept. Click through the gallery below to see how this project took shape.


Final Logo and Products

 This final logo represents Industrial Engineering at Daimler and the many characteristics I was hoping to illustrate. The three horizontal lines simultaneously represent the three sub-departments of IE, form the letter E, and indicate speed and efficiency by resembling racing stripes or action lines. Combined with the outlined silhouette of a truck, and the "I" of IE incorporated behind the cab, we have a logo that I hope will serve IE for years to come.


Client Feedback

"Daimler Trucks contracted Emily for multiple projects with team logo development and professional presentation creation. Both projects were managed extremely well-- Emily was very organized and took the feedback received for her designs and diligently incorporated them into future revisions. Emily did a great job understanding the needs of the team and tailoring her designs to meet our requests. She provided creative ideas that ultimately led to a fantastic final solution."

-Jeremy Tyger, Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Daimler Trucks North America