Multi-disciplinary designer

Zip Strap Backpack


Design Brief

I set out to design a bag for urban travelers that keeps belongings secure yet accessible. I observed that in many backpacks, the small pockets that are best for containing phone and wallet are the farthest from the user's body-- prime for pickpocketing. I wanted to keep the contents of the bag safe, and solve the problem of accidentally walking around with your backpack open like a dork.

The problem.

The problem.



I moved forward with a concept that would use one of the shoulder straps as a zipper pull. This way, the bag cannot be opened while being worn.



I first constructed the shape of the bag using brown paper, then converted it into a pattern and sewed a prototype in muslin.


Final Design


This backpack was designed for urban travelers. It is loaded with features that keep items secure in the bag, yet accessible to the wearer.


The right strap of the bag is the zipper pull; This way the bag cannot be opened when it is being worn.

Easy Access to Essentials

Front slash pockets keep lower-value items like maps, water bottles, and small notebooks at hand.

Security for Valuables

Flush-to-back pocket secures valuables like phone and wallet while making them easy to access when pack is removed.